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seim & partner have developed or are currently working on BROADBAND CONCEPTS for the following companys and municipalities:

Companys/Municipalities  Tasks 
BBP  Technical and economical planning for a fibre-infrastructure fund. Target markets are German medium-sized cities (10K - 50K inhabitants). Tasks e. g. have been scoring and ranking of cities, development of the technical concepts including selection of suppliers, selection of network operator, assistance for development and negotiation of L2BSA Wholesale contracts
TMR  strategic planning for a new data centre, incl. product development and assistance for business case calculation incl. connecting fiber to the business (fibre connectivity for business parks)
TMR  Concept of new voice services for business customers
Telsakom  development of new network operator: company structure; product development; marketing; interim management; planning active technology; development of new voice services for small business customers (focus on hotels of special billing requirements)
Versatel  FttC planning, cost calculation, business case for a metro region in the Ruhrgebiet (approx. 1.000 street cabinets; 135.000 residentials, 250.000 inhabitants)
BMWi  regarding synergy effects in co-use of existing infrastructures as part of discussions about the national Telecommunication Act e. g. to take advantage of existing railway infrastructures
Stadtwerke N.N. (Bayern)  Review / realignment of a critical FttH project (approx. 35.000 residentials)
Global Connect  concept for a redundant backbone connection to Sylt via submarine cable with an emphasis on examination of nature conservation laws (FFH area, national park Wattenmeer)

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