Our Team

Kai Seim (Geschäftsführer)
Focus: Technology and strategy;
over 20 years experience in the IT and telecommunications industries;
many years as a consultant in the IT and telecommunications industry;
Diploma in Computer Science (TU Berlin)
Ulrich Fritzsche
Focus: engineering design, experienced CAD user, construction management and project management;
over 20 years experience in the IT industries;
Graduadet construction engineer (TU Darmstadt)
Sabine Finke
Focus: IT architecture and strategy, processes;
about 15 years experience in the IT industry;
graduate computer scientist (TU Berlin)
Dr. Günter Kimmeskamp
Focus: Marketing, processes, needs assessments;
about 30 years experience in insurance and IT industries;
Diploma-Business administration;
Dr. rer. pol (Univ. Münster)
Philip Hartmann
Focus: Research, Mapping, GIS;
Frank Selle
Frank Selle – Focus: Planning  and GIS engineering, surveying and mapping, demand analysis;
construction management;
Geographer (Dipl.)
Petra Wirth
Focus: Office administration, management of tenders,
project assistant, retail clerk
Martina Germroth-Schäfer
CAD Design Engineer

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